Thai Massage in Wageningen

Wilaiket Thai massage, founded by Rungrat Wilaiket, is situated in a monumental house on Niemeijerstraat 8, close to Wageningen’s town centre. You will be treated in scenic, high-ceiling, comfortable rooms.

In our massage practice there is a peaceful, agreeable atmosphere, allowing you to leave your worries behind. Wilaiket has specialized in localizing complaints and coming up with a targeted form of treatment in consultation with its clients. We also give maintenance massage for complaints in overtaxed areas such as neck, shoulders and back. Of course, you can also just come for a relaxing massage, to recharge your batteries.

At Wilaiket Thai massage, you are in professional hands. Our masseuses are fully qualified with significant diplomas from both the Netherlands and Thailand. If you have found us once, you will find us again and again.

Our treatments

Thai oil massage / relaxation massage

This is a relaxing massage with hot oil. It centres on massaging muscles and meridians, interspersed with simple stretches. Thai oil massage stimulates blood circulation and is deliciously relaxing.

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage prevents and cures both bodily and psychic complaints. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymph system, boosting your energy. The masseuse stretches, moves, and loosens your limbs. Acupressure is also used. This form of massage is part of the Thai medical and spiritual tradition. No oil is applied.

Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage combines yoga stretches and pressure point massage. You are being stretched and massaged at the same time. This improves blood circulation in your body and speeds up the discharge of waste. Possible pains are reduced or disappear, your muscles and joints become more flexible, and your posture improves. No oil is applied.

Thai foot massage

Foot massage improves your blood circulation, activates your organs, and stimulates nerve pathways. The sole of your foot can be seen as the body’s mirror image. By softly pressing various points and massaging them with oil, blockages in certain energy flows can be reduced or cancelled, liberating the body.

Thai aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers and other plants. It stands for treatment with fragrances, and finds its usage in complaints associated with tension, anxiety and sleeplessness. The fragrances and massage act upon your subconscious in concert, restoring balance in a disturbed nervous system.

Combination of traditional Thai massage and oil massage

This massage reduces complaints such as muscle pains and headaches. Relaxation and well-being are key sensations. After the massage your body feels more flexible, and your movements are more energetic.

Back-, shoulder- neck- and head massage

This massage combines traditional Thai massage and oil massage. It covers your entire body, with special attention to the back, shoulder and neck area. This combined massage can relax and revive an overtaxed body. It is effective against painful, stiff muscles and headaches, making your body feel more flexible and allowing you to move in a more energetic way.

Thai facial massage

This treatment consists of deep cleansing, scrub, massage and a mask. A facial massage offers many advantages. It can cure headaches, fatigue and stress. It boosts your appearance by improving circulation, giving radiance to your skin. Regular facial massages will make you look more vital.

Thai body scrub massage

This is a treatment that uses special Thai body scrub made from sea salt with Thai aromatic herbs. The treatment opens the pores of your body and removes dead skin cells. After the body scrub your skin will be shiny, healthy and fit again.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage starts by rubbing the body with hot oil. Next, the masseuse massages you with the hot stones. She places some stones at certain points of your body. The heat from the stones relaxes tired or painful muscles and activates your body’s self-healing potential. It also stimulates organ functions, aiding metabolism. Hot stone massage is particularly indicated in cases of arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, menstrual complaints, stress (but not burnout) and anxiety.

Thai herbal compress massage

This massage uses warm bags filled with herbs that have relaxing, cleansing and activating properties. Thai Herbal compress massage induces deep relaxation in spirit and body. The herbal bags improve metabolism and facilitate the disposal of metabolic waste. This massage can help people suffering from migraine, burnout, gout and rheumatism.

Complaint-specific massage

This massage focuses on your unique complaint. In consultation with you, we create a treatment for incidental or chronic complaints. Various techniques can play a role. Areas that could be involved are the back, lower back, neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, knee, hip, etc.

Tok Sen Massage

This unique massage originates from the North of Thailand. It relieves stress and muscle tension, but can also be used for treating specific complaints. Tok Sen is reminiscent of acupuncture without needles. The masseuse treats muscles and tendons by tapping them with a wooden hammer and chisel. The tapping targets energy flows. It is not painful and makes tendons and muscles supple once more. Tok Sen is applied on comfortable, loose clothing, or directly on the skin as part of a treatment with oil.

Thai warrior massage

This is a combination of traditional Thai massage and Ruesri Datton (yoga massage). It includes rhythmic massage, acupressure, soft turning and deep stretching of the body, in order to release tension and enhance the circulation of life energy in your body. We are one of few places in the Netherlands that can provide this special massage.


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